Irrigation & Agriculture

Irrigation & Agriculture

Water Efficiency and Conservation Through Piping

Growing populations and water scarcity challenge growers in producing more food with less water. Open canals, laterals and ditches experience seepage, leaks and evaporation. Flood irrigation results in over watering and run-off, potentially causing leaching and reuse issues. Sclairpipe for Irrigation & Agriculture is ideal for new agronomic practices, replacing conventional open systems with piped. Offering a performance matrix of; non-corroding, non-tuberculating, and resistant to chemical, salt and abrasion, Sclairpipe is durable, reliable and long lasting, assuring consistency and efficiency in water delivery over its 100 year design life.


Sclairpipe for Canals

Open Canal Water Districts deliver water to growers, who require water at specific times, rates and duration's. Disruptions in supply can cause reduced crop yields. The challenges in delivering water can be numerous; low water level, seepage, leakage, evaporation, sediment flow restrictions, high maintenance, others. By converting open canal systems to piped canal, water conservation, reduced costs, increased safety and reliable deliveries can be realized. Sclairpipe for canals and laterals is ideal when needing to improve conveyance efficiency, flow rates and conservation by Sclairpipe's leak free joints and smooth, non-abrading internal surface. Non-corroding, chemical resistant and flexible, Sclairpipe can be formed into siphons from a single pipe, further reducing project costs.


Sclairpipe for Canal Applications;

Canal Piping, Turnouts, Culverts , Inverted Siphons, Flumes,


Sclairpipe for Irrigation

Efficient and consistent water delivery is critical in maximizing crop yields. Scarcity, droughts, water loss, evaporation and seepage can all impact delivery rates. Additional delivery challenges when field flooding is uneven, furrow shape and soil friction impacts advance rates. Irrigation conservation efficiency can be improved by up to 50% when pressurized water systems are used versus gravity flow. Sclairpipe for Irrigation is ideal for faster water delivery, improved advance rates, conservation and variable irrigation rates when different crop types are being grown. Sclairpipe is corrosion and abrasion resistant, flexible and unaffected by fertilizers and chemicals over its 100 year design life.


Sclairpipe® for Irrigation Applications;

Pipe Mains, Surface Irrigation, Drag Lines, Tail Water Return, Canals, Laterals, Center Pivot Piping


Sclairpipe for Drainage

Heavy rains, run-off, seepage or excess watering can result in soil erosion, water-logging, plant stress or limited field access. Checked sub-surface drainage systems encourage the development of deeper root systems over surface, safeguarding crop yields during drought. Sclairpipe for Drainage, is durable, non-corroding, chemical resistant and will not degrade over its 100 year design life with flexibility allowing easy install on uneven terrain. Sclairpipe flexibility provides easy install on uneven terrain and improves water reuse efficiency when laterals and collectors are installed near soil surfaces.


Sclairpipe for Drainage Applications;

Drainage Chambers, Sump Pump Stations, Latterals, Collectors, Main Drains, Disposal Drain, Tile Drainage

(1) Pipe dimensions are in accordance with ASTM F714 and AWWA C906
(2) Some DR sizes are only available upon request. Check with representative
(3) Other pipe lengths available upon request
(4) Black pipe with external color striping. Striping upon request
(5) Subject to application design review