The ultimate gas pipe for distribution

Wehogas is a tough, lightweight, solid-wall gas distribution pipe manufactured from Medium Density (MDPE) and High Density (HDPE) polyethylene, specifically designed for gas distribution. Flexible, durable and robust, Wehogas delivers safety, dependability and performance.

Wehogas natural gas distribution and gas service pipe has been manufactured by Infra Pipe Solutions (formerly KWH Pipe) since 1988. Wehogas pipe is available in both medium density yellow PE 2708 and high density PE 4710 black with yellow stripes. Both of these resin formulations are listed in PPI TR4. MDPE and HDPE Wehogas pipes are produced in CTS and IPS sizes and both can be certified to CSA B137.4, CSA Z662-11 and ASTM D2513.

Safety is never compromised in gas distribution and that is why Wehogas, manufactured for over 50 years within ISO certified plants, is selected most often when performance, durability and safety is demanded. Made with advanced, engineered resin, Wehogas offers exceptional resistance to corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack over its design life, with flexibility and strength allowing for safe installs within dynamic soils and seismic regions.      

Wehogas Pipe Advantages

  • Lighter

  • Stronger

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Leak Proof

  • Cost Effective

  • Easy Transport

  • Easy Installation

  • Eco Friendly

Wehogas Applications

Wehogas pipe and fittings are designed to work together as a complete system. When thermal fusion (butt, electrofusion, socket, saddle) is used as the method of joining, it provides fast and economical connections that are reliable, leak-proof and stronger than the pipe itself. 


  • Structurally designed to withstand impact
  • Withstands cracking in cold weather installations
  • Easy to install
  • Thermal fusion provides a continuous leak-proof system that can withstand ground shifting
  • Can be cold bent and installed on a radius, eliminating fittings for directional changes
  • Can be installed without expensive foundations or minor degree trenches
  • Extremely seismic resistant

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