Threaded Pipe

Easy Thread, Large Diameter HDPE pipe

Weholite threaded pipe is a large diameter, structural profile wall pipe made from advanced, high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin, manufactured to ASTM F-894. Designed for gravity, Weholite's raw material properties have been combined with a patented structural design technology, creating a strong, robust, lightweight pipe with superior performance and loading capacity.

Weholite pipe is much easier to handle and install than heavier, rigid concrete pipe, allowing for cost savings in transportation, installation and overall construction costs.

Weholite® Threaded Pipe
Manufacturing Standards ASTM F894
Pipe Size 18" to 132"
Pipe Ring Stiffness Up to 400
Pipe Length up to 50 ft(1)
Pressure Rating up to 30 psi (2)
Pipe Connection Threaded (3)
Flexural Modulus (psi) 80,000 - 110,00 psi (4)
Tensile Strengths (psi) 3,000 - 3,500 psi (4)
Certifications NSF, BNQ
Friction Factor; Hazen-Williams/ Manning 150-155 / 0.01
(1) 50ft standard length. Other lengths available up to 60ft upon request. 102-132 dia. max length is 42ft.
(2) Standard working pressure up to 7.5 psi. Higher pressures upon request.
(3) Threaded connection provides soil tight. Water tight connection when welded.
(4) Typical properties will vary within specification limits.