Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Integrity and Flow Assurance for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream.

When integrity and flow assurance is at the heart of your application needs, there can be no compromise in strength and reliability. Engineered from high-pressure, advanced polymer technology, Sclairpipe delivers on performance, providing resistant to abrasion, corrosion, salts, scales, deposits and bacterial attack. Whether above or below ground installations, Sclairpipe's low resistant to flow, integrity and zero leakage system ensures confidence that all safety, environmental and compliance requirements will be met.



The challenge in any oil and gas play is in achieving operational efficiencies at minimum operating costs. Sclairpipe's advanced polymer technology and zero leakage system guarantees production confidence when producing from new or mature wells. Chemical, abrasion and seismic resistant, Sclairpipe safeguards operations while delivering cost savings over its 100 year design life.


  • Sclairpipe downstream pipe applications:

Raw Water, Flowback Water, Brine Water, Produced Water, Proppant Injection, Drilling Mud, Multiphase Fluid


Midstream (Gas Gathering)

On-shore gas gathering systems can become complex as production connections increase and installation areas grow. Sclairpipe gas gathering pipe, simplifies any design and installation by eliminating the need for mechanical joints, thrust restraints, corrosion coatings, cathodic protection and offering a bending flexibility capable of reducing fittings and connection points. Meeting 49 CFR 192 of the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act and material requirements of CSA Z662, Sclairpipe is well suited for use in gas gathering applications.


  • Sclairpipe Midstream pipe applications:

Oil gathering, Gas Gathering, Shale Gas, Coal Bed Methane, Sour Gas, Sweet Gas, Crude Oil.



Management and control of fluids within a refinery is critical as any flow interruptions could result in disastrous effects. Dependability and durability is the key criteria when selecting utility piping. Sclairpipe's non-corroding, chemical and abrasion resistant properties make it the ideal choice when continuous performance is needed and interruptions are not. Sclairpipe's ability to perform in aggressive environments provides reduced maintenance costs while its flexibility provides added transient pressure protection.


  • Sclairpipe Upstream pipe applications:

Cooling Water, Treated Water, Wastewater, Recycle, Fire Protection and Gas distribution

Oil & Gas
Manufacturing Standards ASTM CSA API
D2513, F2619 B137.4 15LE
Size Range (Inches) 1/2" to 63" (1)
Pressure Rating Up to 350 psi
DR Range 6.7 to 32.5 (2)
Size Type IPS, NPS, NTS, CTS
Certifications CSA(3)
Pipe Length 50' Standard (4)
Application Striping Upon Request (5)
Design Life 100 Years (6)
(1) Pipe dimensions are in accordance with ASTM F714 and AWWA C906
(2) Some DR sizes are only available upon request. Check with representative
(3) Certifications required to be indicated by client
(4) Other pipe lengths available upon request
(5) Gas pipe is yellow or black with yellow stripping. Other stripping upon request
(6) Subject to application design review