Collection, Conveyance and Gathering for Leachate, Stormwater and Gas

Sanitary landfills are challenging applications as stormwater, leachate and gas collection systems operate in highly aggressive, corrosive and dynamic soils. As a landfill ages, decomposition and compaction of solids cause soils to shift, stressing pipe systems. Sclairpipe landfill piping, made from advanced, high-pressure, high density resin, is the perfect choice when installing in "hot" or special soil environments. Sclairpipe assures trouble free operations with a matrix of performance; corrosion and chemical resistant, high compressive strength, low abrasion, 100 year design life with a flexibility to adapt to changing soil conditions.


Leachate Collection and Management

Leachate is produced as rainwater percolates through landfill waste, absorbing solids, gases and chemicals as it travels. Perforated piping is used to collect leachate within landfills for treatment and discharge. Leachate collection systems (LCS) are prone to clogging, challenging the control of leachate levels, increasing operating costs and affecting gas production. Sclairpipe for LCS is ideal in reducing plugging events by its smooth-wall, "non-stick" surface, resisting scale, precipitate and biological build-up. When durability, compressive strength and performance is demanded, Sclairpipe for LCS offers a superior matrix of performance; non-corroding, non-tuberculating, chemical resistant with dependability over its 100 year design life.


  • Sclairpipe Leachate Collection System Applications;

Leachate Collection Pipe, Leachate Transmission Lines, Leachate Riser Pipe, Collection Sump, Cleanouts, Venting, Wells, Manholes, Perforated Pipe and Treatment piping


Stormwater Management

Landfill stormwater management systems need to control flow and direction of water during rain and snow/ice melt events. Diverting stormwater away from active landfill areas, prevents its contact with waste materials, reducing leachate generation and treatment costs. When managing flow, the rapid development of run-on/run-off rain water can challenge systems. In addition, systems require durability and flexibility as 25-50 year storm events, freeze/thaw occurrences and high abrasion from soils can effect performance over time. Sclairpipe for Stormwater delivers superior performance, ensuring flow and operations are maintained over its 100-year design life. Sclairpipe is guaranteed to resist leachate attack and abrasion.


  • Sclairpipe Stormwater Management Applications;

Catch Basins, Water Transfer, Outfalls, Detention Tanks, Culverts, Force Mains


Landfill Gas Gathering

Landfill gas (LFG) emission begins within 6 months of waste decomposition and continues for up to 20 years. LFG is highly flammable, making its collection and utilization as an energy source desirable. LFG gathering systems consist of vertical wells and horizontal trenches, interconnected to a main header. Gas is collected within the wells and trenches using perforated pipe. Gas gathering systems need to ensure the continuous flow of gas while operating in aggressive and dynamic soil conditions. Sclairpipe® for gas gathering is ideal when performance and dependability is demanded. Guaranteed not to corrode, tuberculate or suffer leachate attack, gas production is free to flow. As systems grow, Sclairpipe's flexibility and fused joining, makes the expansion of collection systems easy and straight forward.


  • Sclairpipe Gas Gathering Applications;

Gas Collection, Gas Distributions, Lateral Lines, Gas Headers, LFG Piping, Vertical wells, Horizontal Trenches, Well Casing


Manufacturing Standards ASTM AWWA CSA API
F714, D2513, D3035 C906, C901 B137.4 15 LE
Size Range (Inches) 3" to 54" (without F2619) and 3" to 63" with F2619 (1)
Pressure Rating Up to 350 psi
DR Range 6.7 to 32.5 (2)
Pipe Length 50' Standard (3)
Design Life 100 Years (4)
(1) Pipe dimensions are in accordance with ASTM F714 and AWWA C906
(2) Some DR sizes only offered on certain pipe sizes. Other DR's available upon request.
(3) Other pipe lengths available upon request
(4) Subject to application design review