Light Weight, Large Diameter, Structural Profile


Large-diameter, structural profile wall HDPE pipe, lighter, stiffer, stronger. Designed for large gravity and low-pressure applications, making it ideal for high flow and high volume systems.

Weholite is a lightweight, engineered structural profile pipe for low pressure or gravity applications. Available in a range of standard sizes from 18” to 132” ID and lengths up to 50’, it is made from advanced high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin manufactured to ASTM F-894 within our ISO certified plants. Tough, light and flexible with high loading capacities, Weholite is easy to install and perfect for applications requiring large scale water diversion, management or detention above or below ground requiring a 100 year design life.

Manufacturing Standards ASTM F894
Pipe Size 18" to 132" I.D.
Pipe Ring Stiffness Up to 400
Pipe Length up to 50 ft (1)
Pressure Rating up to 30 psi (2)
Pipe Connection Threaded or Welded (3)
Flexural Modulus (psi) 80,000 - 110,00 psi (4)
Tensile Strengths (psi) 3,000 - 5,000 psi (4)
Certifications NSF, BNQ
Friction Factor; Hazen-Williams / Manning 150-155 / 0.01
(1) 50 ft standard length. Other lengths available up 60 ft upon request. For 102-132 dia, max length is 42 ft
(2) Normal operating pressure of 7.5 psi. Higher pressures available
(3) Connection type to be specified by client.
(4) Typical properties will vary within specification limits.

Weholite® Advantages

  • Lighter

  • Stronger

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Leak Proof

  • Low Life Cycle Cost

  • Easy Transport

  • Easy Installation

  • Eco Friendly

Years of Maintenance-Free Use

Weholite, extensively used in new and renewal infrastructure projects, outperforms steel and concrete, prone to corrosion and degradation, making it the ideal pipe of choice. Weholite made from advanced, engineered resin, delivers a 100 year design life, guaranteed not to rust, corrode or tuberculate and resistant to chemical, abrasion and biological attack. Performance, durability and with one of the lowest life cycle costs, Weholite, "Infrastructure Only Needs To Be Installed Once".

Weholite® Advantages

  • 10x lighter than concrete pipe
  • 100 year design life
  • Flexibility allows install in dynamic soils and seismic regions
  • Water tight joints (ZERO leakage)
  • Field bendable, eliminating fittings
  • 50 ft length, reduces joining & install time
  • Unaffected by "hot" corrosive soils, salt, chemical or biological attack
  • Very smooth internal surface delivers flow with smaller pipe
  • Wide selection of standard and custom fittings, reducing install time
  • Easily fabricated fit-for-purpose structures, meeting standard or challenging needs

Weholite® Applications


Drainage systems

Gravity sewers




Pipe rehabilitation and relining

Sanitary sewers

Storage tanks

Stormwater detention tanks

Water intakes and outfalls



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