Potable Water

Potable Water

Safe and Reliable Water Distribution and Transmission

Distributing and delivering water reliably and safely to customers is key in any system design. Sclairpipe for pressurized potable water applications is ideal for use within distribution and transmission systems. Made from advanced, pressure-rated PE4710 resin and manufactured in accordance with ASTM and AWWA standards. Sclairpipe for pressurized potable water applications has excellent surge tolerance capabilities, preventing main breaks caused by pressure spikes surges.  Sclairpipe flexibility, strength, butt fused leak free joints make it ideal for trenchless installations; directional drilling, slip lining and pipe bursting. With pipe sizes in industry today from 3" to 63", choose the Sclairpipe that fits your need.


Sclairpipe Potable Water pipe applications:

Raw Water, Treated Water, Potable Water, Freshwater Transfer, Marine Inlet & Outfall, River Crossings.

Potable Water
Manufacturing Standards ASTM AWWA CSA
F714, D3035 C906, C901 B137.1
Size Range (Inches) 3" to 63" (1)
Pressure Rating Up to 350 psi
DR Range 6.7 to 32.5 (2)
Certifications NSF, BNQ, FM
Pipe Length 50' Standard (3)
Application Stripping Blue (4)
Design Life 100 Years(5)
(1) Pipe size availability is dictated by the manufacturing standard requested
(2) Certain sizes only available by special request
(3) Other pipe lengths available upon request
(4) Black pipe with external color stripping
(5) Subject to application design review