Geothermal Vault

HDPE Geothermal Energy Vault.

Infra Pipe Energy Geothermal Vaults are manufactured with high density polyethylene Weholite pipe which conforms to ASTM F894 and combined with high quality components to provide the most efficient and long lasting geothermal vault in the market place.


The Infra Pipe Geothermal Vaults and Manifold Vaults can be custom fabricated to meet the client's project specific needs and are leak tested before shipment. Geothermal vaults come prefabricated from Infra Pipe's manufacturing facilities, which help reduce cost and installation time for installers.


With more than 50 years of experience as a manufacturer of HDPE pipe, Infra Pipe has the know how required to fabricate high quality geothermal manifolds for your geothermal needs. Infra Pipe's geothermal manifold systems can be used for residential and commercial applications.


  • Light coloured interior for improved visibility inside the vault
  • Butt-fused manifolds
  • OSHA approved access ladder
  • Pressure Temperature Ports (P/T) on all outlets
  • Pressure Temperature gauges on headers
  • Designed for easy pressure testing and purging
  • Design assistance available
  • Lightweight design
  • Custom FRP flooring
  • OSHA compliant ventilation riser
  • Available lighting, sump pump, heater and inline fan
  • Sealed inlet caps for shipment
  • Optional H20 (Highway Traffic) load rating available
  • Insulated headers

Optional Features Include:

  • FRP Flooring
  • Ventilation Fan (not inline)
  • Electric, Lights, Sump Pump
  • Insulation Package using Elastomeric foam insulation
Weholite® Geothermal Vaults
Manufacturing Standards ASTM F894
Vault Size 72" to 132"
Pipe Ring Stiffness Up to 400
Vault Length up to 50 ft per shipped vault
Load Design Pedestrian or Highway Live Load (1)
Header Configuration To be specified (2)
Flexural Modulus (psi) 80,000 - 110,00 psi (3)
Tensile Strengths (psi) 3,000 - 3,500 psi (3)
Certifications NSF, BNQ
# of Circuits To be specified (4)
(1) Pedestrian load rating standard. H20 highway load rating available.
(2) Header configuration can be mounted right or left
(3) Typical properties will vary within specification limits.
(4) Available circuits dependent on vault size