Weholite® Reline

Culvert Reline with Weholite®

Culvert reline is made easy when using Weholite. Offered in sizes up to 132" ID, no host culvert is too big or too challenging. Manufactured to ASTM F894, from advanced, high density polyethylene resin, Weholite will not corrode, rust or tuberculate, providing exceptional performance over its 100-year design life. Pipe joining is made easy with Weholite threaded joints for sand-tight connections or water-tight using extrusion welding. For environmentally sensitive areas, Weholite can be fabricated with fish baffles, passages or flow attenuators. Selected and approved by DOT's, municipalities, cities and railroads.

Weholite Culvert Benefits;

  • Slip-lining minimises traffic disruptions/stoppages
  • Road salts, de-icing fluids and other chemicals will not cause corrosion or degradation
  • Structural strength allows for installs under heavy traffic loads
  • Abrasion resistant ideal under railway tracks prone to vibration
  • Flexibility and joint integrity solves challenging installs within dynamic soils or seismic regions

Weholite Joining; Threaded or Fused

  1. Threaded Joints:The unique 'threaded joint' enables the installation of Weholite pipe without the use of any special tools. This joining system provides for sand-tight connections which are made quickly in the field. Threaded joints will not separate and are fully restrained allowing for the pipe to be pushed or pulled into place.
  2. Extrusion Welded Joints: Extrusion welding is an appropriate joining method for both round and ovalized pipe.
Weholite® Culvert Reline
Manufacturing Standards ASTM F894
Pipe Size 18" to 132"
Pipe Ring Stiffness Up to 400
Pipe Length up to 50 ft (1)
Pressure Rating up to 30 psi (2)
Pipe Connection Threaded, Welded (3)
Flexural Modulus (psi) 80,000 - 110,00 psi (4)
Tensile Strengths (psi) 3,000 - 5,000 psi (4)
Certifications NSF, BNQ
Friction Factor; Hazen-Williams/ Manning 150-155 / 0.01
(1) 50 ft standard length. Other lengths available up request up to 60 ft. 102-132 dia. max. length is 42 ft.
(2) Standard working pressure up to 7.5 psi. Higher pressures upon request.
(3) Water tight joints require "Profile". Threaded Pipe for soil tight joint offered for > 48"
(4) Typical properties will vary within specification limits.