Industrial & Mining

Industrial & Mining

Performance and Durability-Industrial and Mining

Industrial and mining applications demand the highest quality and performance of any pipe offering, assuring uninterrupted operations. Down time is costly, so choosing the right pipe for challenging applications is critical. Sclairpipe for use in Industrial and Mining applications is manufactured from the highest quality, engineered pressure resins available, providing it with the ability to operate in the harshest and the most demanding of environments; alkaline to acidic, clean to abrasive, organic to inorganic. Sclairpipe properties of strength, chemical inertness, wear resistant and a 100-year design life, has made it the pipe of choice when superior operational performance is demanded.


Sclairpipe Industrial and Mining pipe applications:

Pulp & Paper Mills, Power Plants, Hydro Penstocks, Desalination Plants, Water Treatment, Manufacturing Plants

Industrial and Mining
Manufacturing Standards ASTM AWWA FM API
F714, D3035, F2160 C906, C901 FM1613 15LE
Size Range (Inches) 3" to 63" (1)
Pressure Rating Up to 350 psi
DR Range 6.7 to 32.5 (2)
Pipe Length 50' Standard (3)
Application Striping Upon Request (4)
Design Life 100 Years (5)
(1) Pipe dimensions are in accordance with ASTM F714 and AWWA C906
(2) Some DR sizes are only available upon request. Check with representative
(3) Other pipe lengths available upon request
(4) Black pipe with external color striping. Striping upon request
(5) Subject to application design review