The use of solutions benefiting from renewable energy grows slowly but surely. It often pays to consider ground and rock heat pump solutions already in the design phase, particularly on large properties. Infra Pipe ground and rock heat pipes allow you to collect the heat for heat pumps from the ground, from rock and from water. A systems delivery includes heat collection pipes, collecting chambers and all necessary accessories.

Infra Pipe has developed solutions for heat collection and transfer as well as various energy applications including for the transportation and storage of the raw materials for energy production. Other usages include intake and discharge pipes for cooling water in industrial and utility facilities.

  • Geothermal is a safe, secure and environmentally friendly energy source for heating and cooling that can be leveraged with heat pipes and energy piles.
  • Rock and water installations generally use so-called double pipes where the return bend is pre-welded onto one end of the pair of pipes
  • Insulated pipes are used near the property foundation or as transfer pipes from the heat collection location to the property
  • Environmentally-friendly and cost-effective heat exchangers are able to make use of bodies of water for energy production all year around

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