Municiple Sewer Drainage

The cities continue to grow. The number of areas with paved surface is increasing, which combined with the climate changes causes problems with the water run-off and management. The heavy rain and flood problem recently frequently observed in our country affects people’s lifestyle and exposes them to significant costs.  Infra Pipe Solutions offers a complete system of pipes and fittings for the construction and renovation of water-sewage networks, for dewatering and retention of urbanised areas. We also produce the potable water storage tanks, fire water tanks and the tanks for storage of various liquids (process water, domestic sewage, sanitary sewage, liquid substances containing chemicals etc.). Additionally, we design and construct non-standard technical solutions.

The technical advisors of Infra Pipe Solutions can provide you with more detailed information and will help to select the optimum solution tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us.

The sewer network is part of our infrastructure, but often goes unrecognized in the same discussion as road and rail. Cities are expanding and the today’s systems are often undersized. Insufficient state funding means low investment rates and thus too long exchange rate.
Some countries around the world have an average renewal rate about 300 years, but there are also cities having even more than that. That's the reason why we strive for developing sewer systems with a lifetime of at least 100 years.

Solutions for Municipal

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