200 FEET OF 66”RSC160


    Storm Outfall


    Prince George, British Columbia

The City of Prince George required an installation of a new storm outfall as an increase to infrastructure required for residential l development. The project was for the design and construction of a storm water conveyance structure for the Fraser River Bench Residential development. The outfall consisted of 200 feet of 66”RSC160 Weholite pipe.

The project challenges were such that the outfall was installed on a steep slope and with only 5 meters of cover. The pipe joints had to be leak free and fully restrained which is why Weholite manufactured by Infra Pipe was chosen because it is easier to handle and install on steep slopes. As a structural pipe, Weholite could easily withstand the 5 meters of cover. The pipe was welded together which provided a leak free and fully restrained joint.

John Stauber from EMCO stated the decision to choose Weholite was because of the pipe being light, economical, easy to handle, available in long lengths which allowed for fewer joints and was completed welded together in 2 days. All while being on time and budget. The project was successfully completed in June of 2016.

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