108” RSC 250, 48” RSC 250, 30” RSC 160


    CSO Detention


    Scranton, PA, USA

The Pennsylvania American Water Company (PAWC) purchased the Scranton Sewer Authority a couple of years back and have been continued the aggressive program to separate stormwater and sewer throughout their system.

There has been a few CSO systems installed in the past with competitors product that have not met the specification requirements after installation and testing.

Infra Pipe worked with the engineer of record (Reilly Associates) a local civil engineering firm to gain specification based on Weholite which resulted in IPS securing the project.

The design of the project consisted of a 3 barrel system consisting of 3 – 82’ runs of 108” RSC 250 Weholite pipe with bulkheads, manhole risers and cross over piping.

This was the first application for Weholite for PAWC in the program that will have over 30-40 CSO systems when all separation has been completed. The IPS system provided the owner with an entire system that is entirely made with Weholite Profile Wall Polyethylene Pipe that meets ASTM F894 design standards.

We provided field services for manual welding of joints, the weld was ID only per design specification which provided a 7.5psi joint to meet the 24hr drawdown test required.

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