96" RSC 250 Threaded Weholite


    Culvert Replacement



The road was washed out near 5516 Chemin River, L’Ange Gardien, QC, during the spring melt. The situation drove 3 districts to declare a state of emergency.  Immediately, a senior member of the engineering group from MTQ Gatineau contacted us for a replacement alternative to the failed metal corrugated culverts.

We met with the Gatineau team a day later to discuss the project and it was concluded that the corrugated culverts would be replaced with 3 barrels of 96” RSC 250 threaded Weholite by 22.86 Meters for a total of 9 pcs of 7.62 Meters.

Infra Pipe’s product was selected because of durability, ease of installation and the fact that we could meet their aggressive timeline of having pipes at site within one week of PO receipt. The project was completed in May by Construction FGK Inc.

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