28’ of 72” RSC 250,  6” mains W/22-2” circuits with Balancing Valves




    Seneca College, Ontario, Canada

Infra Pipe’s HDPE Geothermal vault was chosen as the premier solution for Canadian college, Seneca. The campus site called for a leak free vault design which superior lifetime material and performance service.

The project required 68 bores at a depth of 500 feet. The geothermal vault was used to complete the geothermal well field on the campus. The main challenge was that due to the size of the vault, it required Weholite anchors and buoyancy measures to promote anti-floatation. Two manways and a ventilation system was also installed.

The project started in the Fall of 2018 and was completed in spring of 2019. The client stated that the Infra Pipe vault was light weight which made it easy to install and costs of special equipment was saved due to the vault being a turn-key easy installation product.

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