120” Weholite Profile Wall Polyethylene Pipe


    Culvert Reline


    West Virginia, USA

The Wills Creek project called for a reline of failing twin 13’ diameter corrugated metal pipes (CMP), the invert had eroded to the point that a concrete invert was poured to extend the life of the culvert long enough to allow for the culvert lining contract to be put on the bid letting. This was a twin cell culvert which allowed the contractor to divert water to one cell while installing the 120” pipe in the other. This provided a dry environment for Infra Pipe Solutions technicians to weld the joints of each section of pipe before pushing into the host culvert.

After both cells were lined the contractor proceeded to build bulkheads installing grout and air tubes required for grouting of the annular space between the host culvert and the Weholite liner.

A light weight cellular grout was used, the annular space between the two culverts required a total of 125 CVDs of grout. An experienced grouting contractor was subcontracted providing a successful installation of the grout which required 6 lifts per cell. The contractor removed all diversion allowing the stream to flow through the new liner pipe which helps prevent the pipe from floating during the grouting process.

Weholite was selected for this project early in the design phase due to the durability and hydraulic characteristics of HDPE. The required size was 132” but unfortunately after several delays in funding and further collapse in the pipe it was determined that 120” was now required.

Culvert lining was the only option as this twin cell 13’ x 225’ culvert runs under Interstate 79 which narrowed the options for rehabilitation of this culvert.

Infra Pipe Regional Sales Engineer along with local distributor (Foster Supply Co) assisted in the inspection and determination for culvert lining and provided onsite support during installation.

The culvert liner was successfully installed in December 2018.

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