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Weholite Rainwater Harvest System at Los Angeles Federal Courthouse, United States

Application: Wastewater
Size: Cold Water Intakes, 15 kilometres of 1,600 mm DR22 – 26
Location: Deep Lake Water Cooling

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A 100-year, leak-free service for the Oregon Irrigation District

Application: Irrigation & Agriculture
Size: 84” RSC250 Weholite large diameter PEHD pipe
Location: Oregon, USA

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The Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)

Application: Wastewater
Size: 48”RSC160, 54”RSC160, 72”RSC160. Total Length 200 meters plus various elbows, reducers and laterals
Location: Annacis Island, Delta, BC, Canada

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Weholite eliminates CSO events

Application: CSO Detention
Size: 260,000 gallon detention system, CSO wet weather facility, 17 prefabricated barrel sections (480 LF of 5’ diameter, 433 LF 6’ diameter, 360 LF 7’ diameter), 3 prefabricated manifolds with access risers
Location: CSO Sainte Agathe, QC, Canada

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407ETR – 2017 Culvert Relining

Application: Culvert Reline
Size: Weholite with threaded joints. 1070mm to 1980 mm – approx. 600m in length
Location: HWY407, ON, Canada

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Storm Water Collection & Distribution Fort Saint John

Application: Renovation
Size: 84”RSC100 and 84”RSC160. Total Length 600 meters plus 5 elbows and 5 manholes
Location: Fort St John, BC, Canada

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